set one's heart on doing smth

set one's heart on doing smth
want very much

I set my heart on a nice holiday this winter but I won't be able to go because I have no money.

implies to long for rather than to intend; to have at all costs

Well, it's a mess. She's set her heart upon their boy. (J. Galsworthy)

Once let her make up her mind, get her heart set on smth, and you might as well howl at the moon. (D. Cusack)

"Why do you look so sick? Did you have your heart set on something? Tell me what it is," he urged. (M. Wilson)

The boy has set his heart on becoming an engineer.(Arakin 4, 110)

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  • set\ one's\ heart\ on\ doing\ smth — v. phr. To want very much. He set his heart on that bike. To be very desirous of; hope very much to succeed in. Used with a verbal noun. He set his heart on winning the race …   Словарь американских идиом

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